is GSM for Railways
a Global Communication Platform
integrating the railways transport world wide


This GSM-Rail web-site provides information on the Railway Operational Communications Industry Group, its role as a conveyor of the GSM-R technology all over the world, its company members and representatives and its activities. Additionally this site gives you overall information on the GSM-R technology, the associated EIRENE (European Integrated Radio Enhanced Network) standards and specifications, its advantages and the magnitude of the technology spread in the railway world.

To give you a quick access to the rapidly-evolving world of GSM-R we have introduced links to web-sites from the ROC Industry Group company members and its partners like UIC (International Railways Association), ERTMS (European Railways Train Management System), ERA (European Railway Agency).

GSM-R is a mature and a widely used system
… globally accepted as a standard
… in successful operation
… interoperable
… stable but still open for improvement
… future proof

it’s GSM-R