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As of January 30th the ROC IG members have formally closed
the Railways Operational Communications Industry Group.
The activities will continue within the UNITEL committee, part of UNIFE association.
UNITEL was created in 2018 to focus on the development and implementation
of the future interoperable railway communication system (FRMCS/Next Generation),
while ensuring a seamless transition from GSM-R.




is GSM for Railways
a Global Communication Platform
integrating the railways transport world wide


This GSM-Rail web-site provides information on the Railway Operational Communications Industry Group, its role as a conveyor of the GSM-R technology all over the world, its company members and representatives and its activities. Additionally this site gives you overall information on the GSM-R technology, the associated EIRENE (European Integrated Radio Enhanced Network) standards and specifications, its advantages and the magnitude of the technology spread in the railway world.

To give you a quick access to the rapidly-evolving world of GSM-R we have introduced links to web-sites from the ROC Industry Group company members and its partners like UIC (International Railways Association), ERTMS (European Railways Train Management System), ERA (European Railway Agency).

GSM-R is a mature and a widely used system
… globally accepted as a standard
… in successful operation
… interoperable
… stable but still open for improvement
… future proof

it’s GSM-R